venerdì 7 settembre 2012


They're magic. They can tell without saying a word. They're playful, happy, constantly hungry, angry sometimes... but they will never lie... They're just unreservedly following their own nature!

"Anubi", summer 2012 in Rome.

A decorative dog in Honfleur, 2012.

Thousands hungry carps in Versailles, 2012. 

A "flying" horse from a window-shop in Östermalm, Stockholm.

A wonderful swan in the gardens of Versailles.

Cocker Spaniels cannot enter here. (Paris, 2012)

A very self-confident crow, looking around the royal gardens in Versailles.

"La princesse de la Seine", Honfleur 2012.

A slimy snail up on my door...

Fluffy sensations...

A sitting ragdoll cat.

A piece of art in the Musée D'Orsay.

Some little guests in the Paris Mosque.

The french bulldog "Säl" in Nytorget, Stokholm... <3

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