giovedì 27 settembre 2012

Wine and waves of Sicily

no noise
but the waves
of the wine in my glass
while in my sunglasses
the sunset still shines
wondering why
i'm looking so far
My wood doesn't float
My blood is floating now
Remembering stories
Of ancient old past.

As in this land
Any person who passes
Leaves his own path
And the land owns his heart,
You passed on me
On this boat on the beach
On my broken dry wood
On this moving new mood
and i was floating 
in sky
coloring myself
of white and blue crest
moved by wind
and your whispers was in.

Then when the dream
hardly comes true
my wood is still dry
and need some more wine.
As in this land
Any person who passes
Leaves his own path
And the land owns his heart,
You passed on me
Changing my path
and you owned my heart,
alone in this land.

A special thank to Daniele Casolino, writer, poet, photographer... and traveller.

mercoledì 12 settembre 2012

Some treasures in Stockholm

During this summer I've made an exhibition in an adorable boutique in Birkastan, Stockholm city centre, called "Plezuro":

Plezuro is a small and cozy boutique started in 2007 by Johanna Westin. I've asked her to tell me the story of this enchanting shop...

..."We carefully pick out lovely vintage garments and unique treasures for you to love and keep a long time. Over 60 different brands are represented in the store, many of the designers and artists are recently or not yet established and a lot of the products are one-offs. We also run a webshop since 2007 and our products are spread all over the world.

We believe in long-term fashion. We like to inspire our customers in loving what they wear, play with their style and feeling good within themselves. We want you to feel the best in our clothes and jewelries and hope them will bring you a lot of nice moments and compliments.

Since 2012 we design an own line that is sold in our own store and online shop and also in other small stores around Sweden.

We mix our clothes with exhibitions, theater and concerts. We like everything that is creative".

Would you like to visit Plezuro?

Click here to know where to find it.

Gifts from Nature

venerdì 7 settembre 2012


They're magic. They can tell without saying a word. They're playful, happy, constantly hungry, angry sometimes... but they will never lie... They're just unreservedly following their own nature!

"Anubi", summer 2012 in Rome.

A decorative dog in Honfleur, 2012.

Thousands hungry carps in Versailles, 2012. 

A "flying" horse from a window-shop in Östermalm, Stockholm.

A wonderful swan in the gardens of Versailles.

Cocker Spaniels cannot enter here. (Paris, 2012)

A very self-confident crow, looking around the royal gardens in Versailles.

"La princesse de la Seine", Honfleur 2012.

A slimy snail up on my door...

Fluffy sensations...

A sitting ragdoll cat.

A piece of art in the Musée D'Orsay.

Some little guests in the Paris Mosque.

The french bulldog "Säl" in Nytorget, Stokholm... <3